Ripple Crochet Blanket


How good is CROCHET?!

Really…I am a bit of a nut for it.  A little bit Nana I know, but it works so well as a relaxing ‘unwind’ activity for me.

I usually get stuck into it each evening, once the kids are in bed.  I’ve been making heaps of home decor stuff, from lampshades…to floor mats….and scarves.  I am truly knocking myself out with the stuff!  I’ll publish more pics and how-to posts in the next few weeks – so stay tuned dear readers!

Now to today’s subject (or this year / two year’s subject – because let’s be realistic It’s likely going to take me that long to complete).

It is my RIPPLE CROCHET BLANKET – which is presently at a nice length to cover ONLY my feet. But I’m working on that.


I am loving this ripple pattern – available right here from Attic24. Lucy has provided the pattern, detailed stitch instruction and excellent images – all for free!  Well worth a look and try.

I’m using 10 ply Country Aran from Cleakheaton – and it is divine.  As a bonus it’s nice and thick…so my blanket is growing quickly!  I’d definitely recommend using 8ply yarn or above just for the quick progress alone!

Are you into crochet?  What are you making at the moment?

I love your feedback, so keep it coming!

Rosy x

Six ways to get your craft on. FNL style

The wild weather this weekend gave the FNLs a perfect opportunity to get our CRAFT ON.

Unfinished projects, new projects, major projects and partnership projects.  We covered them all.  Together. INDOORS.  THE WHOLE DAY. We even managed to not kill each other – which is a medal-deserving project – so add that little baby to the mix.

Here’s a little peeksie at our crafty ways:

The pouffe:
I finally finished the smaller Amy Butler Honey Bun Pouf to complete my set.  Sweet!

Amy Butler Honey Bun Pouf

The handmade Denim Bag
Designed and sewn by my eldest daughter GG – 7 yrs

Denim Bag

Doing ‘yours’ hair
Hair by my daughter, JZ – 3 yrs.  Modelled by Myself (ouch)


My personal fave: Handmade undies for JZ
Designed and made by GG, at the end of a long afternoon.


A new floor mat of crochet:

This one is mine – made with the incredible Hoooked Zpagetti.  I love this stuff – the yarn is actually the offcut strips of tshirts.  Very recyclable, very easy to wash, and fast to grow.  This stuff rocks.  Go – check it out here.


Finally to Mr F’s craft.  Almost the deal breaker.  I refer to it as:

AWDAACH – Avoid Washing Dishes At All Costs.  HA.


To which I respond with:

FFSWYJWTDBIYTFFS – FFS Would You Just Wash The Dishes Because It’s Your Turn.  FFS.

I tend to get repetitive when speaking in acronyms.  Also our arguments don’t last long because we are too busy focusing on said acronyms.  Plus mine are always so long winded and CLEVER, that I forget what the original point is.

How was your long weekend?  Safe and happy I hope.

Hasta la vista,  Amy x

PS. I’d like to send my thoughts and prayers to those further north in Bundaberg, Gladston, Ipswich, Brisbane and all areas that are experiencing devastating floods. If you’d like to donate, you can do so via the Queensland Floods Appeal 2013.

The discovery of a new family fun activity

Yesterday Jazzie (age 3) and I had a home day.  There were jobs to be done.  Housework, computer work, garden work, TOY ROOM TIDY, and a day needed for chillin’.

By 1pm, we’d both had enough of being stuck at home.  We had to get out.  For both of our sakes.  Let’s just say that we were BOTH getting a bit antsy.

So we got sorted and headed out.  Not to the park.  Nor the beach.  But to Uncle Dan’s.

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