Sewing Christmas Hearts – How To

If you’re kids are anything like mine – they are super excited for Santa to come!  I know there’s only 2 more sleeps (I meant to finish this post a few days ago! Still a great project for any school holidays).

Now the trick is to keep them amused, so they don’t niggle each other (and me) all day!

I’m thinking we’ll make some love hearts on the sewing machine today & stuff them & give them to family as part of Christmas gifts.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can do it by hand by using a backstitch.

Just draw a love heart onto the reverse side of the fabric & cut roughly around it.

Trace Heart

Then sew along the line, leaving a 2cm gap (for stuffing).

Sew a Heart

Using scissors clip along the curves of the heart.  You do this so that the fabric will ‘give’ and will go with the curve, instead of puckering and being too tight.

Clip Curves

Turn the heart right side out & stuff it with toy stuffing.

Turn heart right side out and stuff

Then using a ladder stitch, sew the heart closed.

Handstitch Heart

Ta-daaaa!  And now….MAKE MORE!

A few good hours down, kids are busy, creative & productive!



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