The power of chocolate

Hmmm – the word chocolate – conjures up images of divine taste, delight, relaxation, and just pure goodness…well, mostly good anyway!

We had a bit of a joke in our sewing class today about chocolate consumption (namely mine) and it did actually make me realise – gee I eat chocolate every day…

I know there is research that suggests chocolate is great for you (ok, maybe not great) & I also know that too much chocolate will widen the hips (significantly) & cause oily break outs & more!

I reckon that for the most part my chocolate intake is fairly moderate (one per day is ok isn’t it?) Today being quite the exception (I’ve been caught out with a kit kat & chocolate biscuits, then happened to mention the small violet crumble piece I had for dessert tonight). Though I did have a big day teaching sewing classes.

Still, now that I say it aloud…I might keep a better eye on the old chocolate consumption…ahhh what the heck – go for it girl – live a little!  x


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