we love the fabric, oh yes we do…


Are you hearing the beat, a bit of rhythm, clicking your fingers?  oooh yeeah – we love the fabric, la la la-la.  Or is it just me singing this to myself?

But seriously, I spend so much time looking at fabric and love every minute of it.  With such beautiful & unique ranges available these days – what a great timewaster.  The best thing about it is that we can buy for the Oh Sew Rosy Fabric Store.  The worst thing (and there usually is one) is that there is too much ‘stuff’ I want to make with it.

Just today I was showing a friend our fabric range, explaining who designed it etc, quickly followed by what I was going to make with it ~ skirt, cushion covers, re-upholster stools & more.  Gosh at this rate there’ll be very little fabric to sell & I’ll look like a chameleon in my own home (my clothes blending in with my decor)!

Isn’t it all just good old fashioned fun. x

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