Learning to sew floor cushions at Rosys

Rosy Floor Cushion

Wow – what a full-on day we had at Rosy’s yesterday (again)! Which is great, because Deb & I really love teaching our sewing classes!

After our Beginner Class (where the girls both made stunning zebra-print laptop cases – wish I’d taken a pic!), we launched into the second and final class of our floor cushions.

Well to say it was a jam-packed class would be an understatement!  The girls had completed their piping in the first class (last week)- so yesterday was all about sewing the piping into the panels, inserting the zip and sewing the floor cushion together.  Not to mention great conversation, much laughter and delicious baked goodies (courtesy of Nadia)!

The girls did a wonderful job – their sewing is coming along beautifully & I’m really proud of the things they’re making.  Here are some pics of finished floor cushions (some not yet stuffed)…

 Thanks again girls!  We do have two more floor cushions that were made in class – will post pics once I receive them.

Amy x


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