Outdoor Crochet

With such busy days lately (well all the time really!), it’s a bit of a challenge to find time to sew/crochet/knit for myself!  I LOVE teaching sewing classes, but this year I’ve promised to do more sewing for me.  And of course it flows on to benefit our students, with fresh ideas and more sewing tips.

Sooo, back to the topic…being time-poor and with two young kids, I love the versatility of crochet. On Sunday afternoon, the kids played in the pool, while I crocheted – win/win!  The kids will often read books beside me while I crochet.  Excuse the pun, but it’s a ‘tight-knit’ little family we have!  And it’s the best.

Here’s a pic of the crochet project (taken beside the pool) that I’m working on now.  Initially my aim was to make a blanket out of these beautiful bright flowers…but now I think I’ll stick with two cushions for my lounge (could take me a while!!)   It’s a pattern from Rose Hip – which is all about beautiful crochet!  And the pattern is free!

Crochet Flowers

Just remember that crochet patterns can be quite hard to decipher – but I find that if I just have a go at it and it doesn’t look right, I’ll re-read the pattern and try the next best thing!  Trust me, it all comes together with a little persistence!

If you’re on the Gold Coast and you’d like to learn to crochet beautiful things, visit Rosys – we teach crochet classes, along with lots of other wonderful projects!


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