Tea-Time Wanderer

Tea-time Wanderer

I have a tea-time wanderer.

I think I just made up a new phrase.

My 2.5 year old just cannot sit still at the dinner table.  She would be more than happy to eat continuously all day (and yes, we do worm her!), but when it comes to dinner…distraction, distraction, distraction.

It began with short bursts of dance, now she’s progressed to desperately needing to go to the toilet, and of course ‘Mummy feed me’.

Any suggestions on keeping Miss 2.5 on her seat to eat up all her dinner?  I think I may need to make sure she’s REALLY hungry before dinner so that she’ll sit and eat.  I’ll just have to put up with the constant “I’m hungry” after her afternoon snack.

Hey, I think I may have a solution to my own problem – just had to workshop it on my blog!

Any other suggestions are very welcome!



One thought on “Tea-Time Wanderer

  1. ooh dear… little miss! We still keep Juni in the high chair and hope to for a while because I know she is going to be a ‘tea time wanderer’ too! haha
    It’s so hard to not feed them when they whinge they are hungry all the time…Tyler is constantly hungry between meals – drives me bonkers!

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