The Great Bar Stool Upcycle

I have two old bar stools.  I actually can’t remember not having the two old bar stools.  I inherited them from my parents.

Did I mention that they are pine with a lacquered finish?  Very daggy, yet unbelievably handy for my kitchen.  Great for kids to eat their breakfast on, friends to have a cuppa on, and kneeling on to reach high objects.

Bar Stool

I have a plan for the daggy bar stools, and yesterday I actually got around to doing something about it.  Now lets just hope that the completed upcycled project will be the same as the one in my mind – which is full of awesomeness.

Okay, so I’m part way through the upcycle.  Yesterday I sanded the stools, to get rid of the lacquer and ‘rough them up’ a bit (to help the paint stick)!

I then applied two coats of white paint to the stool legs.  I don’t pretend to be the best painter – I kinda just rush my way through it.  I used the Taubmans Easy Coat paint that I had in my garage.  I didn’t sand between coats,  but I figure that it all just adds to the uniqueness – that’s my story anyway!

I’ve since applied a third coat today, and will probably put another on tomorrow – just so it’s super durable for the young kiddies to sit/play/hang on!

Now this isn’t the exciting part.  I’ve decided to put my Rosy skills to work next.  I’m going to buy some foam offcuts, cut them to the seat size and glue them on. (Note: in the pics above we’ve painted the seat, which really wasn’t necessary, but a great little job for my very keen painter, Georgie (aka Miss 7).

Next I have these fabrics to create cushion covers:

Add some red or maybe light blue piping and I’m thinking that they’ll be oh so lovely.

Keep an eye out for my next post – there will be foam glued to bar stool seats – hopefully in the next few days and with as little mess as possible!!

Amy x


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