A Sleepover

Last night we had one of our besties and her three beautiful kids come to ours for a sleepover.

I call them our good friend family. Do you have one or some of these? They rock! Adults and kids get along beautifully – I love it.

Originally from Qld, our friends moved to Vic last year and we miss them! Especially now they have a brand new baby boy (who is ADORABLE – just like his two older sisters).

We had a great catch up – despite me realizing that I had to transfer the rego on my car, which has Victorian number plates. Gosh, quite a drama, but a big thank you to the Department of Transport and Main Roads – who were extremely helpful (each and every time I called). A big pat on the back to them – their staff were lovely!

So back to my good friend family – thanks for the belly laughs, and story sharing, and the great friendship that we and our kids have.

Wish you didn’t have to leave, but I know that next time we catch up, it’ll be like yesterday!


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