I love my 2 year old…

…I really do – love my 2 year old. She’s absolutely gorgeous, hilarious and loving.

BUT…on days like today I have to grit my teeth, call on all the patience I can muster, and remember that at the end of a day like today, a nice glass of red awaits!

It’s been a wet week on the Gold Coast, meaning a lot of indoors for my little Jaz, leading to a stir crazy baby girl and a pushed to the limit mum, or as a combo I like to call us “tap tap whirly whirly cuckoo”!

Now I work part time, but this week I have to say even the few precious days I’ve had with Jaz have not been the best fun. It doesn’t help that her favourite word is NNNNOOO.

But of course she’ll then do something adorable or make me a cup of tea or laugh at my jokes – and I melt and wouldn’t have it any other way! Lucky too that I can have a laugh about her attitude with my elder daughter who is 7 and has a wonderful sense of humor.

So the moral of this story…they sometimes drive us crazy, but they also make our day…every day!

Amy x

ps. But please let the sun shine soon….


2 thoughts on “I love my 2 year old…

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Aims I loooooooooooove it! Oh I am hearing you loud and clear he he he
    Oliver even says now (prob thanks to his big brother!) “Go way”, mmmmm I try very hard to ignore that one! He is so Ben lol xoxo PS: Love, love the attitude pic…….maybe they will get married after all xoxo

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