Great Bar Stool Upcycle – Part 2 – Cushions

Right, onto the next stage of our bar stool upcycle – the cushions.  FUN!

It’s taken me a little while to get back to my stools – with work, sewing classes, kids, family, household & stuff in general – that old chestnut, really.  You can read about Part 1 of The Great Bar Stool Upcycle here.

Ok, back to the job at hand.  I had two go’s at cutting and fitting the foam for the stools.

Firstly I bought a foam offcut from the local foam & rubber shop.  It was a bit thicker than what I needed so my idea was to use my bread knife to cut it down – which I did, but it left the foam looking a bit rough/coarse.
Upcycle Stools Foam

Plus, after placing the foam on the stool I decided it needed to be a bit thicker…so back to the foam shop.

I bought my next offcut of foam, which was about 5cm thick – the exact depth I needed.  I also had the foam shop cut to size (48cm diameter) – a much better way to do it.

Cost-wise, it was a pretty cheap exercise – each offcut cost me about $8 and they cut it to size for free.
Foam & Glue for Stools

So now all I had to do was glue the foam onto the top of the seat.  I used 3M Spray Adhesive and it worked really well.  I sprayed both the stool seat & foam, left them for a minute or two to get tacky, then stuck each on and sat on them for a little while.

Stool with foam

Now the stools I’m upcycling are rounded-off along the top, so my foam cushion was a little bit wider in places. To overcome this, I glued batting strips around the wooden seat (with 3M Spray Adhesive).  I hope you can see it in this pic (it’s not the best – sorry! – but the batting is wrapped around the bottom of the stool seat if you look closely).

Foam on Stool with Batting

I then completed the foam addition to the stool with a wider strip of batting around the whole seat – to give it a smoother finish. The batting also works well to make the whole seat cushy.

Bar Stool with Foam and Batting

Now we’re ready for the fabric covering…which will happen in the next few weeks – Come back and visit us for Post 3 – the final episode of our Great Bar Stool Upcycle.

Have a great Easter folks!

Amy x


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