Easter Holidays

A couple of happy snaps to share with you – we’re on holidays, staying with family on the Hawkesbury River near Sydney.  What a relaxing, chilled weekend – exactly what we needed. Are you having a great Easter weekend?

Here are some pics of my girls and their cousins – having the Best time!  Below we have Georgie (my eldest) on the right, Jaz (my youngest) in front, and their gorgeous cousins – Brock & Nell.

Look out – here’s Georgie water skiing.  She can’t take the smile off her face!

Georgie Water Skiing

And why wouldn’t she try surfing behind the boat?  Ahhh to be young again! (Sorry about the blurry pic – iphone only zooms so far!)

Georgie surfing behind boat

Little Jaz very happy to watch on the sidelines…

Jaz at River

More of the crazy cousins – Georgie & Nell on the ski tube ~

Georgie & Nell on the tube

And Brockie & Jaz ~

Jaz & Brock

As for the adults – a few quiet drinks, good food & great company!  I’m loving it.  There’s also some crochet finish-off going on (does that make sense?)- I’ll post that once all my loose ends (literally) are complete.

How about you?  Are you chilling, enjoying family time, sick of chocolate yet? Hope you’re having lots of fun too.

Amy x


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