Deb’s Grand Bazaar Quilt

Team Rosy’s Deb has been a very busy quilter lately – and her finished products…absolutely stunning.

Deb’s just made this beautiful strip quilt, bringing together the most passionate, vibrant and deep colours of Grand Bazaar designed by Patty Young.  This one makes you feel warm & alive!  It’s a special gift for Deb’s daughter who lives in London.

Grand Bazaar Quilt by Oh Sew Rosy

The quilt pattern is one of our own – a Rosy special!  It will be for sale online in the next day or so – so keep an eye out. The pattern is great for beginner quilters – easy to follow & quick to make.  You can also choose if you want to machine sew or hand sew the binding.  For me, I like hand binding.  Deb likes to machine sew her binding.  Both options finish off a quilt beautifully.  How do you like to bind?

Onto the next project – Deb has a Citron Gray strip quilt underway.

Citron Gray Quilt by Oh Sew Rosy

What can I say about this one?  It’s clean, fresh, modern & a ‘have to have’.  We’ll be putting together some quilt kits using the Citron Gray range – just subscribe to our blog to receive details on how to buy.

Lastly…just secretly…ssshhh… I too have a project underway….it’s a gift for a special friend having a baby…yes Sarah – for you!  I’ll hare pics once the gift has been given.

Have a super sunday!

x Amy


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