She Happy Me Happy

During the week my Georgie (7) had her first hip hop dance class.  We didn’t intend for her to join in, we were just going to suss out the dance school – 3XTalent – on the Gold Coast.

In fact, Georgie was busting to do Jazz and wanted nothing to do with hip hop.  She was worried that she’d have to do headstands, headspins, wear a trucker cap, invest in high-tops and start asking “Whaddup?”.  Ok…maybe not that last bit…from the trucker cap on – I’m just having a bit of a laugh!  Actually cracking myself up!  But enough about me.

So we went to hip hop with a friend, and Georgie decided to give it a go.  I sneak peeked through the mirror/window to watch and…WELL! The look of utter happiness and pure glee on Georgie’s face when she was dancing – made my heart melt.  Actually it made me utterly happy and grin with delight.  She had a ball!

We always encourage our kids to try new stuff, and most of the time it pays off.  This is one of those times. Seeing your own child’s delight in a new endeavour is just the best.  I love it.

She Happy Me Happy


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