Filing is no fun.

Today was a productive/non-productive day.  I finally got into the study and started filing – it actually happened by accident – I needed to find something and there was NO WAY to quickly flick to the correct file and find it in a flash.

Soooo, the filing and shredding process began and I think I did a good, no actually I did a great job of it.  However…why does the study look worse than when I started?

Maybe because after lunch I needed a well-earned rest and cup of tea.  Maybe I needed to get stuck into a crochet project, and then a Rosy Floor Cushion.

I really did need to take Jaz to the park and pick Georgie up from school and do fun stuff with the kids (well feed them at least!)  That last bit was a joke by the way.

Tomorrow will be a much better day for filing.  Yes indeed, Friday’s were made for filing.  Oh hang on, I have to work.  So maybe I’ll get back to it on Saturday…and so I step back onto the ‘Will File Tomorrow’ treadmill.  And I’m pretty content with that.

Amy x

ps.  Dear Filing, you are not my friend so please stop beckoning me to give you any attention when I walk into the room.  It must stop.  Really.


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