Crochet cushion is coming along nicely

Yes, nicely it is….albeit very slooowly.

Crochet Cushion Top

I must say, I’m really enjoying putting this together.  I made a lot of these crochet flower squares sitting by the pool watching the kids frolicking, probably sipping on a lovely glass of wine. Happy place.  Oh look, here they are in the making.

Now, I wasn’t sure whether to join it to a fabric back or keep crocheting.  Decision?  Keep crocheting baby!  Especially when it’s fun as.

Mind you, I started these flower squares at least a year ago…but hey that’s part of the joy, coming back to it every now and then and escaping from a busy life to chill a bit.

I also plan to give a lovely crocheted scalloped edge.  I’ll give you an update soon…ish.  Hopefully sooner than another year!

Ps.  I used a sweet pattern from Rose Hip – go visit and say hi.  I think you’ll like her stuff.

Love x

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