Weekend Rap

Did that get your attention?  Me doing a bit of rap dancing on the weekend?

I must say that I’ve been known to attempt:

  • a few back spins (resulting in minor back injury)
  • moon-walking (silly woman sliding feet backwards and moving arms robot-like but not really in sync), and
  • the odd rapper arm-wave (not just waving hello).

However I digress – I didn’t want to talk about rap-dancing or my cool(?) dance moves.  I really want to fill you in on some weekend projects.

With a very rainy Saturday (it did not stop) here on the Gold Coast, it was a great day for indoor stuff.


We made playdough.  You know the old saying “It was a good idea at the time” – well this applies to playdough.  I don’t make it often, the kids don’t play with it often (daycare and school take care of that stuff).

And the reason why I don’t usually go there…is the squished in-ness of it.  It goes everywhere, into everything and is darn hard to get out/clean up!

Yes, it did keep the kids occupied for a good while, however I am still finding bits of playdough on clothes, in tile grout, on each table in our house (well each hard surface actually), in hair, under fingernails, and still counting.

I also found some quality time to finish my Upcycled Stools and I’m so pleased with them.  All the family (including hubby) actually commented on how good they looked, compared to before.  Take a looksie.  I’ll give you more of the low-down and how-to in the next few days.  But for now people – check out the before & after…

Next, hubby & I went out for dinner on Sat night and we had such a lovely evening (despite the bucketing rain).  It’s a very rare event for us to go out, so a big thankyou to our good friends who looked after the kiddies.  I even wore my ‘flash’ green cape to the restaurant and scored a compliment on it (woot woot!) – we taught this cape in a Rosy class last year.

There was some gardening going on yesterday, thanks to Georgie, wanting to earn some pocket money.  I’m not a good gardener.  I really like gardens, and I’m fine once I get started.  But there are so many other things I find to do before I get there.

Yesterday was a high gardening acheivement for us Fennells.  With Georgie out there pulling weeds and shovelling – it kinda motivated me to go and help.  So we destroyed those weeds that were fighting to grow taller than our plants, and now it looks much nicer.  We still have LOTS of work to do though – but that’s for another day.

We also visited family who are doing the Australia Trek thing in their caravan.  That was nice to catch up on family stuff.

Phheewww – and now I need to go back to work to rest some I think!

How about you?  Did you have a good weekend?  Wet or balmy?  Lazy or high achieving or just a good balance?  Tell me…I’d love to know.

Amy x


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