Back from Siesta-ville

Hello folks!

Have you ever been to Siesta-ville?  Also known as Take-a-Break Town.  Quite nice isn’t it?  Not a real place, just taking a step back and chillin’ for a while.

I’ve just arrived back from there – I had some time-out from blogging, facebooking, teaching sewing classes and other Rosy stuff.  It was not planned, it just happened – and it was only a few weeks.

I’ve enjoyed it.  It’s always good to take a step back and reassess.  It allows you to plan for bigger, better, brighter.  Or just new stuff that’s fun.  Do you ever do this?  I feel guilty at first…then I enjoy.

Mind you, I have been busy making (along with day-job, family, dog, sport, housework, cooking….the general grind!)

Back to making.  Crochet.  Actually lots of crochet.  Here, look:

Do you like?  I call it my lolly crochet cushion cover.  Maybe you prefer calmer colours, black/white, natural?  Some of you have probably seen it before in an earlier version.  I’m now crocheting the back of the cushion cover.  I’ve had a few go’s at it actually.  I had trouble with it growing!  I’ve nearly finished it now though & I’ll post some tips very soon.

Also Lampshades.  I have a great tutorial for this lined lampshade – and it’s coming soon.  Seriously drab to fab.  Here’s a before & after shot.

Did you know that recovering a lampshade is really quite easy, inexpensive, and you get the exact fabric and look that you want.

I get my lamp frames from op shops and the like, then I re-cover to suit.  I’d just recommend that when starting out to make a practice one first, so you can get the hang of measuring, stretching and gluing.

Floor Cushions.

One of my faves.  And we’re selling the pattern (one of our very own) here.

So now I’m back and MAN I have some good sewing stuff to tell you about.  Lovelies we are going to get busy – I’ve got lots to share.

First stop is: Stencilling.   I’m talking fabric, walls, cushions, furniture.  Anything that doesn’t freely move really.  And I’ll post this little beauty in the next few days.  Yes my friends, just a small wait.  Exciting?  Why yes.

Oh, and I’ve finished the bar stool upcyle.  I’ll finalise this little how-to in the next few days too!

Thanks for reading me.  Hope it’s entertaining!

Amy x


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