How to Make and Insert Piping

Piping is cool and good.  It’s also a heck of a nice way to edge stuff – especially cushions.

And did you know that it’s kinda easy to make?

Here’s a quick Piping Tutorial:

Cut & Make Piping

  1. Cut bias strips to make piping.  To do this lay your piping fabric out flat.  Fold one corner of the fabric up to form a 45° line.

2.  Mark and cut 2” wide strips along the 45° angle side.  Cut enough strips so that when joined together, there will be enought to edge your project piece.

3.  Attach the bias strips, by placing ends at right angles and sewing across on a 45° angle:

Then trim excess fabric:

Iron flat:

Wrap your bias strip around piping (right side of fabric facing out) and pin together.

Using your zipper foot, line your right hand fabric edge with the right side of the zipper foot and sew.  Note: Do not sew too close to the cord (yet).

When you sew the piping into your project, you’ll sew as close as you can to the cord (this way, no stitching will be seen in the finished product).

Attach Piping:

Matching raw edges, attach your piping to the right side of Fabric A.  Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew all layers together (you still don’t want to sew too close to the cord – that step is coming up.)

Join ends of piping:  This is NEAT!

With a seam ripper, undo 1” of stitching on one end of the piping.  Cut the cording back to meet the point to where you have unpicked the stitching.

 Fold a small hem on this end of the piping, then place it to meet other end & wrap over – so you have a nice join, ready to sew.  Pin in place.

Sandwich Your Piping:

With right sides together, pin Fabric B to Fabric A, sandwiching the piping in between.  Now for the tricky part.  Using your zipper foot, stitch together.  You won’t be able to see the piping, so you’ll need to go by feel.  The good news is that it is very forgiving – you can always go back and sew closer to the piping if necessary.

Final Product:

If you’d like to learn more about piping and make these fabulous floor cushions, you can buy the pattern here – or you can join us in an Oh Sew Rosy Floor Cushion Class (if you live in Gold Coast / Brisbane area).

Or leave me a comment – I’m very happy to help!

Amy x


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