Great Bar Stool Upcycle – Finale, Finito, Finished!

Ok guys – we do have the finished product of the Great Bar Stool Upcycle.

Actually I finished them a few weeks ago, but crazy times – took me this long to post the final in the series!  For new readers, I do have a step-by-step guide to transforming my bar stools here.

So, we were up to covering the stools.  I covered mine in two different fabrics, but from the same range.  You can buy it here.

So.  I measured the circumference and depth of the seat (added my 1.5cm seam allowance) and then cut a circle and side strip to size.

I used quilting weight fabric, so to make the seat fabric  a bit stronger, I also used curtain lining/canvas to line the seat top and side (I highly recommend doing this.)

 Photos are a little dodgy!  Am sorry for that!

I also added contrasting piping to my seats.  For a quick piping tutorial, go have a looksie here.

I then sewed the side strips to the top panel, sandwiching the piping. Again – more on piping how-to can be found here.

And look!  Here it is over my stool cushion.

Now for the fun (but slightly scary) step.  Staple-gunning.  Just make sure that the staple gun is pointing AWAY from you at all times – and that your husband is nowhere around (my hubby had a bit too much fun with it – we had staples hitting the back wall of the garage!)

Anyway, we stretched the bottom of the side strip quite tightly around the base of the stool seat and stapled it in.  (It’s a bit messy underneath, with stray paint and all – but really who will see it?)

Actually, we stretched it too tightly.  I had to undo some of the staples in the end because the piping was being pulled down onto the side of the cushion.  So just be careful not to pull it too tightly.  Firmly is a better word.  Yes, firmly.

And here they are.  My new old bar stools.  I’ve given you a Before and After shot – so you can truly appreciate The Grand Masterpieces.  Well, my new freshly refurbed stools anyway!


Bar Stool



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