Kids Knits Patterns


A friend asked me yesterday if I knew of any good knitting/crochet patterns for kids.  Just like waving a red cloth at a bull really. I have quite a few favourites and so thought I’d share just a couple:

Firstly, Numero Uno, I heart this, Top of the List has to be: Amanda Keeys Knitting and Crochet Patterns.

 Pic care of here.

Amanda Keeys is a photographer, based in Tamworth Australia.  Her knitting & crochet patterns are to die for, and she has a heavenly book: Baby Beanies.  Put this in your Must Buy Basket girlfriends (or boyfriends)!

Two (2):  I love Kids Tricot.  Divine patterns for the little ones.  And all buyable online. It’s a french website,  so you just hit Translate and everything is displayed in English.  If that’s the lingo that you speak.

Pics care of here.

Numero Tre: For the boys only – is the good old Panda Play Days Pattern Book.

Pic care of here.  You can buy from, and all good knit/wool stores and Spotlight of course.

So, just a quick snapshot.  Tell me: are you inspired?  Or maybe some good ideas for nana to knit?

Ciao lovelies,  Amy x


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