What the blog?

Today I was informing my other half, Mr F. about blogging – the community, the shared experiences, the interest, learnings and laughs.

I had Mr F. sit down and read a fantastic post about one mum and the challenges of her three year old (tantrums, random yelling at mum, the general joys).  To me: I totally related to it (having my own 3 year old challenges), found it hilarious, and best of all, highly entertaining.  To me.

To him. Writing a blog is having nothing better to do than write about each miniscule part of your day.

SILLY. me.

What was I thinking?  Why would he enjoy this?  Mr F. is fabulously black and white. He is a male reading a female skewed (yet hilarious) version of parenting.

To Him: Everything needs to serve a purpose.  If it doesn’t, than what’s it’s point? Wipe it.

It’s a different take on the way I look at things.  It’s actually kinda good – I guess it helps our relationship tick.  Here’s why.

To Me:  I have grand dreams.  Creativity screams from my mind and body.  So many ideas (some good, many no-flyers).  There is an in-between, a grey area, a fresh perspective.  I like to create and I like to write.

I also like that Mr F. grounds me. And I think I encourage him to dream.

So bloggers.  You know what, I think for non-bloggers the whole thing is a strange concept.  What do we write about?  Who wants to read a blog?  Why?  What do you get out of it?

Blogs are to Me: entertaining, finding common ground, it’s not just me that feels that way, learning new stuff, research, entertaining, business, fun, escape, entertaining.

I told Mr F. that he’d better not read my blog.  I told him (jokingly) that it was full of minute details and photos of my day.  Getting the mail.  Feeding the dog.  At the computer.  Answering the phone.  Seriously Mr F. – are we living in Boring Town?  We’re a bit more ‘fly’ than that.

I told Mr F. that I’d blog about this convo.

His Reply: Go for your life.  Surely, no one’s going to read it. (laughing)

So C’mon people.  Prove Mr F. wrong.

What do you love about reading blogs?  Why do you subscribe to blogs?  Are you black n white or one of those creative types like me?

Amy x


8 thoughts on “What the blog?

  1. I’ve started 30+ blogs in my life although kept at only a few, but to me you don’t need to have a large audience for it to be worth it. Even just writing a paper diary to yourself can serve a purpose. As long as it helps you reflect, and in the case of a blog also share with others and be inspired by them!

  2. I LOVE reading blogs especially from people I know. I think it is the difference between men and woman. Woman like to engage and be inspired by their peers. Men like to do things on their own. I especially like reading blogs that are well written – like yours!! It is quick easy and makes you reflect. Keep up the great work Mrs F!

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