Pattern Review Update – Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag

Hmmmm.  Pattern Review?  Actually this is about some pattern add-ons.  Added Extras.  Bonus bits.  A little tweak let’s say.

Ok, enough of that – to the task at hand.

I recently made the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag for my pregnant friend – to use as a nappy bag.  So I tweaked it just a little, and you know what?  I think these little extras make a big difference.  I’ll be doing it for all the bags I make from this pattern now.

By the way, I have posted a heap of tips and tricks for this pattern right here.

First Tweak: I added velcro to the outside pockets.

So, after inserting piping onto outside pocket and sewing handles onto large panel, I just sewed a small strip (approx. 8cm long) of velcro.  It stops the outside pocket from ‘flopping out’ (note my technical term).  This is great for a nappy bag, because you can still place nappies and wipes in here, and keep it closed.

Second Tweak: I added a small pocket to the inside.

What I did: Was cut out a rectangle of the outside fabric, ironed a hem on each edge, sewed the top hem in place, pinned the pocket onto the inner lining of the bag, and sewed into place (the two short sides and bottom – leaving the top open of course).  It’s a great pocket for your phone, keys, dummies/wipes (if using for a nappy bag).

So that’s it.  Some Rosy enhancements to this fabulous bag.  I must say too, that I use mine for everything.  It’s pretty excellent.

Keep happy,

Amy x

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