Stencil your world

Stencil [official meaning]:  A device for applying a pattern, design, words, etc., to a surface, consisting of a thin sheet of cardboard, metal, or other material.

Stencil [to me meaning]: Taught in art class at high school, necessary to ‘do’ in order to pass.  Producing fairly ordinary, smudged artwork (for me at least).  Thinking it would never fly in real life.  Until NOW.

Because people, STOP THE BUS.  Stencil is cool, and there is such unique, gotta-have, style-queen stencils out and about.

Thank you to you, you stencil creators. (Could I say YOU more in the one sentence do you think?)

Check these little beauties out:

1. Stencilled China Cabinet by Burlap & Blue.  Plus Linda gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it.  Does it get any better?  (ok, maybe yes, if Linda stencilled one for me!)

More of these lovely stencils just here at Royal Design Studio.

2.   Bunting Flag Stencil Top.  This stencilling.  Just awesome.  Can’t stop thinking about this one.  Must buy.

4. Wall Stencilling at its best.  Yes, Cutting Edge Stencils are right on the money:

3. Sticker Stencilling.  Here’s some easy at-home stencilling you can do, using left-over stickers:

Go on, stencil your world.  Try it.  I’m going to.  Amy x

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