That mum.

Yes.  Hmmmm.  You know the one I’m talking about.  That mum who has little or no control over her toddler-child.

That mum who gets walked all over.  Children doing as they like.  Crazy kids.

That mum who lacks discipline.  That mum who lets too much slide.  That mum whose children lack respect.

I used to wonder about that mum.  Discipline?  Could be tighter? Done differently. Will only escalate and it won’t be pretty…

Sigh. I think I’ve recently been introduced to that mum.  That mum could be me…if I allow it to be.

A few weeks ago it slowly dawned on me that Miss 3 couldn’t give a hoot when I say NO.  Gives me the ‘whatever’ look when I ask her to do something.  I may as well be a tree, a light pole, a brick wall.

With this realisation came the cold hard truth of my discipline which has been very light on of late.  Been busy, juggling lots, little time to follow through / stick to my guns.

All too often Miss 3  will nag and I give in.  She’ll ignore and I’ll give in.  She doesn’t listen to me – and has been getting away with it.

Well.  Time for THAT MUM to take control back.  Oh yes, Miss 3.  It’s showtime.  Today you are learning to listen, help, be compliant and learn that when I say no – it’s always for your good, not because I’m a meanie.

So there it is.  The clarifying moment for That Mum.  Me.

Only one more lesson.  Time for That Mum not to judge others.  Time for some support for other mums.  We get tired, we get busy, we work under stress, and we’re juggling a thousand thoughts at any one time.  We just don’t always see this side.

So a round of applause for That Mum please (am I applauding myself?).  And here’s to keeping my kids in line and teaching them, actually demanding an abundance of respect (particularly for me).

Love to you mums.  You rock.



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