Let’s get cosy. Tea cosy that is.

Hello my friends!

I’ve had a good Monday, how about you?  Especially since on my web travels I’ve found the ACEST tea cosies going around.  Here, take a look for yourself:

These ripper tea cosies are designed and made by The Queen of Tea Cosies, Loani Prior.  Better still, Loani has published a couple of tea cosy books giving you a step-by-step guide to knitting your very own: How Tea Cosies Changed the World and Really Wild Tea Cosies.

I came across these utter delights on Mollie Makes (they publish a cutesy crafty magazine that I love).

Are you now Inspired to do more with your tea?  Well count me in girlfriends.  Today I’ve made a decision and I’m getting into tea in a big way.  No more ‘jiggle the bag, drip, drip to sink then bin’ trick at my house.

Oh no sirree.  We are purchasing a fine teapot, some high quality tea, the book: How Tea Cosies Changed The World, knitting an irresistably fancy tea cosy, and sitting down to appreciate and savour a nice cup.

Yes.  This makes me feel cosy already. A good idea I think. To the shops then tomorrow. Then home for a nice strong cup of tea.

Love it x

Images c/o here & here.


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