Sewing. A cushy job?

Yesterday I spent some quality time with my brother – Brother sewing machine, that is.  I know, hilarious aren’t I?

I actually haven’t sewn for a few weeks, been concentrating on my crochet – more of that in another post.  (And some questions too – I’ve hit a roadblock.)

So I’ve had these cushion covers cut out and ready to be sewn for about….ummm…let’s see…yes – 6 months now.  Nothing like starting and finishing a project in one go.  Do you finally get around to finishing those half-made things too?

So, with Mr F and kids out for a few hours I sat down and SEWED LIKE THE CLAPPERS (aussie slang for: REALLY REALLY FAST).

I don’t consider myself a fast/speedy sewer.  My mother-in-law: now she can sew fast.  Blink and a new dress is made.  I SWEAR!

So here they are.  5 cushion covers WITH hidden zips – all made in a couple of hours – all looking very sophisticated in our guest bedroom.

A lot of talk and guff really, just to show you these cushion cover quickies.

But hey, thanks for listening to me.

And to show my appreciation – leave me a comment and I’ll send my Oh Sew Rosy Cushion Cover PDF Pattern to you.  For Free.  If you’re one of the first five ‘commenters’

Really, look what you too could be making.  Like now!

Toodles.  Amy x


19 thoughts on “Sewing. A cushy job?

    • Thanks Kel! What happened to your brother? I think I’ve missed some vital info here!! Did you receive your Make It Perfect pattern?
      And congrats – I’ll send you your very own FREE cushion cover by Oh Sew Rosy. Amy x

  1. I splice the Amy butler one. Cushions are the best to sew. I recently knitted a cushion cover. Impressed. 😉 ? Crochet, now starting that. What is with the diff terms in UK and us. Maybe we need to come up with some Aussie terms 😉
    Ange x

    • Thanks Ange! I splice them too! A new word I think, love it! And yes, very impressed with knitted cushion cover. Would love to see a pic. I’ve just made a crochet flower cushion cover – I’ll send you the link to the pattern if you like. It’s really cute. I’ll also email you a Crochet Terms sheet, which outlines each stitch in US and the equivalent in UK. As far as I know all Aussie patterns use UK terms. Hey, maybe splice could become an Aussie crochet term…for single crochet? I’ll also be sending you your FREE Oh Sew Rosy Cushion Cover pattern! Cheers, Amy x

    • Thanks Erin. A few of these cushions were made in our sewing classes. Gorgeous aren’t they! I agree with ‘time’ – I never have enough either! But hopefully you can find an hour or two to make yourself some cushions. Yes, I’ll be sending you your FREE Oh Sew Rosy Cushion Cover Pattern very shortly! Enjoy. Amy x

    • Thanks Michelle! I love the cushions in the shot…made by…ummm…YOU! You clever thing! I’m thinking you already have your Cushion Cover Pattern, but I’m happy to send you through another copy – especially for your super-dooper comments! Amy xx

  2. I think I can…I think I can…sew a straight line !
    practicing on cushion covers would be just fine.

    • Yes Angie, I think you can too! I’ll email your FREE cushion cover pattern to you very shortly. A nice, quick and easy sewing project – with straight lines. Yay! Cheers, Amy x

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