Here’s a pattern for a crochet flowers cushion.

Look at me, showing off because I’ve finished the pretty crochet cushion.

Hip Hip Hooray, after about 2ish years it’s done and looking quite fine. Yes, that WAS two years to complete. On and off.  More off than on.

Bright hey? I LOVE colour.  I just do, that’s me.

I used the awesome pattern from THE Rosehip Blog.  I’d recommend this project for the intermediate crocheter.  If you like all things pretty and a little bit vintage PERLEASE go and check it out.  It has such cool crochet stuff, including crocheted edging on pillowslips and the like.  So NICE.

I used 8ply yarn and a 4.00mm crochet hook.

One little hiccup though. The Rosehip pattern gives you all the instructions to make the cutesy flowers on squares, but no details on putting them all together.

So here’s what you do (what I did).

Gather all your squares together and lay them out in order. Take a photo on your phone, so  you can keep referring back to it.

Next: start with two squares.  With wrong sides together and matching corners, pick up the inner loop from each square and single crochet them together.   Here’s some pics to demonstrate (bad-light photos, sorry):

I just continued on my merry way.  Joining more square pairs together to form the neat rows.

THEN I joined the rows by working my way across, single crocheting them altogether. When I came to each join, I just crocheted over the top.  The finished work has a lovely raised crochet join.  Am in love with it.

THEN I came to crocheting the back of the cushion.  Hmmm, had quite a few attempts at this one.  Wasn’t sure which method was best.  Joining my wool across the bottom (short side) of the front cover and crocheting my way up the back (as one continuous piece?  Or crocheting a separate back and joining with a single crochet after.

I first tried to join and crochet my way up, joining to the sides as I went.  I really wasn’t happy with this method, as the back kept growing.  Wider and wider.  This just happens for some reason.  If anyone knows why, I’d love to hear.  Plus I didn’t like the way I was joining it to each side (with a double crochet).

So I pulled it all out (a few times – so hard to destroy your hard-earned crochet work).  Finally I decided to just crochet the back on its own and join it to my front piece.  To do this, I needed to crochet two pieces, which I could overlap and join with buttons.

The first Back: I counted the stitches across the width of my flowers front, I then chained the same amount and worked a double crochet row by row, until the back was about two thirds the length of the front piece.

When I came to the seond last row, I added some buttonholes, just by working in a chain stitch at regular intervals (5 chains).  Eg: 18 double crochet, 5 chain, 18 double, 5 chain.  Note: To work out my regular intervals, I counted the total number of stitches, then divided by 5. Then I added another row of double crochet.

I finished it off with a fan style stitch* (technical term anyone?): chain 5, then slip stitch into previous row, repeat until end.  Turn then work into each chain: 1 single crochet, 1 double crochet, 5 trebles, 1 double crochet, 1 single crochet.  It looks like this (minus the buttons):

Second Back:  Repeat as per first Crochet Back, but only measure to about half of the front.  This will ensure you have a good overlap for the back.

Right, we now have a front and back.  Next:Let’s join this baby!

Line up the front to the shorter back.  Starting from one end, single crochet them together all the way around.  When you reach the back join, overlap the longer back over the top of the shorter back and single crochet all layers together. Continued on.  Step.  Step.  Repeat.  Step.  Step.  Repeat.  HANG ON, now I’m doin’ some dance moves.  Back to the job at hand…

After single crocheting around the entire cushion, add a fancy fan-like stitch around the edge* (see above for instructions).  CUTE!  Agree?  I hope so.

Finally, I lined up my buttonholes and then sewed on the buttons to match.  And supercalifragalisticexpialadocious.  One cushion cover complete.  PHEW!

Just add cushion: I made my own cushion insert to match.  Using polycotton, I cut out two rectangles to match the size of the cushion cover.  With right sides together, I sewed all the way around, just leaving an 8cm gap on one side.  I turned the cover right side out, and stuffed the little sucker with toy stuffing.  I mean REALLY STUFFED IT.  FULL.  Using a ladder stitch, I then closed the opening.

After stuffing cushion insert, and stuffing it into cushion cover, you should get this:


Sweet as.  Your turn now.  Amy c

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