Old man new

Don’t you love seeing a 40-something man carving it up in a rad sporting activity?

For me – it’s grand entertainment.  Especially when it’s Mr F.  Laugh plus some!  Watching him freestylin’ on his NEW skateboard.  Ha. 

Our Georgie (7 yrs) recently acquired a new skateboard and has been running laps of our cul-de-sac since. Over. and. Over.  She has the Forever Young ‘look’ and is feelin’ the freedom.

Me thinks old Mr F wants to be there.  Right there where Georgie is.

Hang on, wants to be there?  He is there.  Literally right now.  Out the front on his OWN board. He was there on the first day.  Couldn’t wait to kick her off her board and showcase some moves.

So yes, Mr F has now purchased his own skateboard.  Actually looks more like a surfboard.  It’s sooo long. Oh, and did I mention sooo cool?  And his handiwork on the board?

Well let’s see, in his bag of tricks so far we’ve seen:

1. The foot tap / push off / repeat: to get speed.

2. The swish back and forth: to keep momentum.

3. The carve: turning in a wide arc.

Riveting really.  ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’ entertainment. Gasp!

But what’s really good is:
The transportation of Mr F to a time when kids played outside till the street lights came on.  Riding your bike to the pool.  Climbing trees.

Skateboarding takes Mr F back to when he was 10 years old – carefree & full of mischief.  Reminiscent stories: old skateboard stacks (accidents), injuries, massive hills, partners in crime and the ‘remember whens’.

Plus, the fun and irreplaceable times with our daughter Georgie, and little Jaz hanging five on her scooter.

Isn’t that just the best?  Old man new.  Not just the physical, but the psychological.

Mind you, despite a recent ‘double hip replacement’ – yes at 40!, I’m egging Mr F on in the tricks department.  Talk him up a bit –  get him to try a mad ollie, kickflip or backside. We do have many a laugh about this.

Oh, and then it was my turn to do a bit of grinding, a noseslide, a 360.  Hmmphh!  I did have a go.  A very wobbly ride, thank you.  And another.  Another.  Had some fun on the old girl.  Felt the wind in my hair.  Well, I wasn’t going that fast, but I was imagining it baby!

For me: no style, but good times.

So that’s it.   Ride free people.  Get back on the bike.  Take yourself back.  Feel young again.  Rad it up.

Love and all that, Amy x

Ps. I LOVE blogging about Mr F.  It is FUN.  So you know, Mr F has a bit of a good humoured laugh at my blogging, always asks “are you going to blog that?”, thinks that people who read blogs have nothing better to do.

Oh, how wrong he is.  And so once another blog post and Mr F has the starring role.


5 thoughts on “Old man new

  1. Haha! Go Mr F.
    For me it was all about the roller skates. Got back on them a couple of years ago – not as easy as I remembered. And the stack wasn’t so pretty either ;o)

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