That post about Old Man New. We have a disaster.

Did you read it?  Old Man New.  The one about Mr F feeling awesome-like on his skateboard, taking him back to younger days.

Well.  There has been a little…disaster.  Not Mr F.  But our brother-in-law: let’s call him Mr Mac.

Mr Mac (39 yrs old) had a bit of a run-in with my 3 year old’s scooter yesterday.  Me thinks the scooter was too fast for him.

Picture this: Mr Mac scootering alongside the beachfront, wind in his hair, racing his son, man-bag over his shoulder.  (OK I stretch the truth on the man-bag – it was actually the beach bag.)    One slip of the foot, one glance over the shoulder, one unbalancing by the ‘man-bag’ and wooshka!  Mr Mac has taken a dive.  Hit the dirt. Front flip over the handle-bars I do believe.

Mr Mac has found himself in a world of pain.  Off to the doctors.  Hospital.  Prognosis: Broken hand in 3 places, dislocated knuckle.

Normally this incident would cause fits of laughter and endless funny remarks for our family.  Hilarious.  Not so young any more Mr Mac!  But he’s done some real damage.  This is kinda serious.

Alright, who am I kidding, call us meanies or whatever, we just CANNOT HELP LAUGHING and MAKING JOKES at poor Mr Mac’s expense.    You know those old ones:  “Get on your scooter boy!  You went out for lunch and ate dirt! Three year old Jaz will show you how to ride a scooter!”  Plus so many more. 

Still to be fair (on us) we are combining our hilarity with a cup of disbelief and a teaspoon of sympathy.

So moral of this fine story: There isn’t one.  It’s just good old fashioned entertainment.

Amy x


5 thoughts on “That post about Old Man New. We have a disaster.

  1. Oh no…ouch!!
    Damn scooters. A few years ago hubby was racing the neighbour on one…as you do, came down the hill too fast and flipped down the hill. It was the funniest sight, although not so funny when he couldn’t get up and had broken some ribs.
    Silly boys!!

  2. Yowch!!! Glad to see you are “taking the micky” as they say here. If it had happened here we would be laughing and make lots of jokes at the poor injured persons expense too. Soooo funny after your last post!!

    • Aaaawww. Thanks darling Alita! Pretty funny on the day…and the day after…starting to lose it’s humour now. I’m sure you completely understand how Bob’s feeling!

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