Show me the knitting patterns

I have an online frustration.  Buying Knitting and Crochet pattern books.  Online.

I just have to ask – Where is the detail?  Where are the images of goodness from inside?  You know, the patterns that make up the book? The stuff that inspires me to buy the book?  I need to see more.

In my researchings, online wool stores often only give me a cover shot of the pattern book.  Sometimes there are a few images of patterns from within.  Otherwise some pretty ordinary pics.  Leaving me to… well…leave.  I may not want to crochet a beanie, but I may very well like that scarf on Page Four.  If only I could see it clearly!?

There.  I’ve had my rant.  Or Call to Action for you yarning stores.  Do you agree?  Or am I just going off a bit?  Could this be improved, therefore leading to better pattern sales?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In saying this, there is a huge positive:  A tall THANK YOU to a few wonderful online stores like Wool Baa and Black Sheep Wool n Wares, that include all pattern images, clear & gorgeous, from within each book.  Makes me love you and want to buy from you!  Not only the pattern, but wool as well.  See, it works in more ways than one.

What is your experience with buying wool, fabric or patterns online?  Is it a fun experience? Easy?  Too hard? Or just not as good as an old-fashioned shop?

Tell me!

Amy x

2 thoughts on “Show me the knitting patterns

  1. I completely agree! I was looking for a book on crocheted hats, but Amazon most often shows merely a cover image. I kept having to cross reference the book on another sight to see more (I found that searching Ravelry for the book often showed the most popular patterns that others have liked and then made). Thanks for linking to sites that are much kinder about showing the projects!

    • Thanks coricutecore! Pleased I’m not the only frustrated pattern buyer out there! I’m just getting into ravelry, so will give it a much better look at now. Cheers, Amy

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