The Friday Night Dance. Off

It’s Friday afternoon. The end of a long week.  A week of rush here, need to be there, juggle those balls.  Do not drop ANY.

And now it’s Friday.  Time to stop.  Easy dinner.  Glass of wine. Relax the schedule. Breathe.

Right.  Had my moment of calm.


Funk it people.  Pump up the volume.  Cut sick.  Rhythm is a dancer.  Work it baby.  Shake it like a pom-pom. FAME I wanna live forever!

All this.  In my living room.  Starring my two daughters (7) and (3) and moi!  Husband sitting to side, watching, amused, throwing in the occasional high finger point / hip swivel / toe tap.

Ah what a sight we must be.  Crazy lady decked out in ‘tracky’ and slippers, arms and legs moving in some form of rhythmic fashion.  Kids in PJs and CRANKING it.  It’s a very comfy party that we have, but quite the fashion disaster.

So we think we can dance.  Let’s focus on the moves.  Every good story needs moves. Sadly, the way I dance in my mind does not match the physical.  My head has me moving like J-Lo, Michael Jackson, Glee Club.  My body looks a lot less professional!  But hey, there are no mirrors at our Friday night dance.  As for my girls – well they just Party Rock Shuffle the night away.  Way cute.

And you know what?  This Friday night dance.  It makes us feel GOOD.  GREAT.  EXHAUSTED. HAPPY.  Those smiley endorphins hit the surface and explode.

It’s a good thing to do.  Free yourself for a while.

Wanna do some freestyle dance of your own?  Already doing it at home?

Maybe you should step it up a little with No Lights No Lycra – a dance group where there are no lights, no lycra, no teacher, no moves.  Just you free-dancing it up.  Locations include: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, London, Brooklyn, Berlin, Vancouver, and Glasgow.  So cool.  Sigh.

Friends, give it your best, take it away, DANCE like nobody’s watching.

Amy x

ps.  Ahem, there are no photos.  For obvious reasons. x

2 thoughts on “The Friday Night Dance. Off

  1. Our usual radio station is always on in the kitchen and on a Friday tea time they have “All request Friday” so you get some really good, uplifting, classic tunes. We often end up dancing. But it just got better. One week someone requested The Muppets Mahna Mahna and now they play it as the second song every Friday. At that point our radio gets turned way up loud and me and the boys go potty in the kitchen dancing and singing. I think it must happen in a lot of kitchens/cars around the country lol!!

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