Today had everything. The Good, Bad and Ugly.

Phew. Today was a real mixer. Up, down, and sideways. Here’s a few emotions for you:

Sorry for : My little Jazzie had high temps all last night – poor bubba. I hate it when the kids are sick. I feel so sorry for them.

Tired: My little Jazzie kept me up most of the night. Tossing. Turning. Couldn’t sleep. “Mummy pat my back, pat my tummy, pat my legs”. Me – doing two pats and drifting off. Repeat.

Happy: Today was my day off work. I was going to sand my bed – ready to re-paint it.

Cold: My shower went unexplainably cold after 30 seconds.

Not happy: No hot shower.

Frustrated: Many plumbers do not fix gas hot water systems.

Yay: I’ve found a plumber to come today.

Anxious: This hot water service is going to cost us a lot of money.

Warm: Caught up with a few friends on the phone – love my friends.

Snug: Cuddling my Jazzie – but not for long. Apparently temperatures do not stop her. She had lots to do – even if at a slower pace.

Pissed Off: Plumber meant to be showing up – but hasn’t. I have to chase them up. They now tell me they’re too busy to come today. WHATEVS. DON’T BOTHER. Why do some plumbers stuff you around and still want to charge you a bomb? Oh sorry, $25 a quarter. Just say it plumb-brains, it’s $100 an hour and you’re ripping us off. You’re not worth a plumber’s crack! (I know, crass – but I have to get it OUT).

Back to Good: Picking up Georgie from school. Jazzie having a big sleep. Dropping in on my good friend who had an op yesterday (and is recovering well).

Achieved and a wee bit stoked: Started sanding bed for re-paint. Discovered from A Beach Cottage that I don’t need to sand (I hate sanding). Can just prime with a u-beaut, but kinda expensive primer. It has to be worth it. Buying it tomorrow. Thanks Sarah!

Welcomed: Good catch up with neighbours – who really went out of their way to help us by referring a good, reliable plumber and offering us hot showers. Thank you!

Rushed: Dinner

Cold: Had a cold shower. Because I had to. It’s so bloody cold.

Laughter: As husband carries on about his shower yelling it’s too hot. Then find out it actually is coz hot water kicked in for 30 seconds and he had to make the most of it.

Encouraging: Georgie to keep twisting her very loose tooth.

Joy: When Georgie’s tooth twists out! Hooray.

Panic: Do we have loose change??

Relief: Yes, we do.

Calm: Everyone in bed. Except me. I’m blogging. Ahh clearly.

Change: Sleeping in spare bed tonight, coz ours is bare.

Sleepy: Good night.

Amy x


10 thoughts on “Today had everything. The Good, Bad and Ugly.

    • Haha Trish – I knew there’d be a plumber or plumber’s reli out there! As I said, there are ‘some’ plumbers out there – and I happened to get one of them yesterday! Def not Johnno. xxxx

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