do YouTube? Yes. No?

We Fennells – we’re one step ahead.  Futuristic.  Trend-setters.  Thought leaders.  Influencers.

That’s why we’ve recently discovered a love for YouTube.  Heard of it?  Yes?  About 7 years ago?  Hmmm.  Where have we Fennells been I hear you say.

So okay, what I mean is that we are just NOW getting into YouTube big time.  With the delivery of a Telstra TBox, comes YouTube surfing on our TV, leading to absolute eye-tears & fits of laughter.


Our usual YouTube culprit is the talking animals.  Old-school?  Boring?  Not so.  Perrlleease watch this.  Our favourite: Funny Talking Animals – Walk on the Wild Side.  I’m talking hysterics and all that double-over laughing stuff.

First: Allan  Allan  Allan

Next: Nightime / Daytime

Last: One for the kids – toilet humour never fails to amuse!

I know.  Stop it.

The best thing about our new love for the endless videos in a box:  Everyone we gush to about the most funniest thing on YouTube that they just have to watch?

YEP, they’ve already seen it!

Amy x

ps. Did you know that you can now actually watch stuff in 3D on your own TV?  Meet me back here for all the breaking news, seriously!

extra ps. I’ve just inserted a video into my blog for the first time.  Hold me back people.


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