Local bakery wins us over with service

I LOVE good service.  To me customer service is everything.  It can make or break my day.  It is often lacking, so when I get great service I really appreciate it.

Yesterday I took my girls for a treat at the small local bakery – Crestwood Bakery Deli.  I’ve only been there once before a few years ago and the food was ordinary, service nothing to note.

The bakery has recently had a facelift – possibly new owners?  I guess they had to do it – with Zarraffas two doors down and and a few other fancy coffee shops in the complex.

So yesterday we gave the new/old bakery another try, and we were very pleasantly SURPRISED.

I ordered lemonade spiders (big treat) for the girls.  They weren’t on the menu, but they’d had them there before.  The young assistant hesitated, but the manager came over and said ‘sure thing’.

I asked if the girls could share a spider, but each have their own glass. The assistant again not sure, told me they could have two straws/one cup.  I was fine with this.

The manager then took over and brought the spiders out in two milkshake glasses, each with a straw and both looking full to the brim.  He paid attention to my kids (even the three year old who can’t sit still for love or money).  Now that’s good service surprise!  My expectations had been exceeded.

See, it doesn’t take much.  Just to give that tiny bit extra.  I’ll go back there often.  I’m now telling all my friends about it, including you!

They also have little lounge chairs for the smalls – which Jazzie ADORED (and looks quite at home)!  They served our cherry slice with extra dollops of cream and chocolate syrup.  Not to mention the coffee was GREAT.

Up till then my day had been okay.  After this I felt happy – I’d had a lovely afternoon tea with my girls.  I’d had a REALLY GOOD SERVICE EXPERIENCE.

Thank you Crestwood Bakery Deli.  You probably don’t even realise how you uplifted my day with just a few small gestures.  I do appreciate it.

Gold Coast Locals – if you get a chance visit this bakery – they are in the Crestwood Plaza, Molendinar.  You will be one very happy customer.  Just like the three of us,  Okay there’s more crazy going on in this pic.  Happy crazy maybe?

Love ya, Amy x


8 thoughts on “Local bakery wins us over with service

  1. awesome amy! i luuurve good service and will walk away if i don’t get acknowledged (yes, Myer cosmetics girls!!) i love treating the kids to small things like this and then actually having a good experience yourself! hooray!

    • Hi Trish, a lemonade spider is a glass of lemonade with a scoop of ice-cream added to it. It fizzes right up – delicious! Just the best treat when you’re a kid (umm and adult!). You have to try it. It’s a well-loved drink here in Australia xx

      • Oh we have it too. It’s just called an ice cream float. I wondered if that’s what it was. Why spider??? Full of questions today!

      • Trish – yes! Must be the same thing. I have absolutely no idea why we call it a spider? I might put the question out there and find out! Amy x

      • Ok Trish – I have a possible explanation for the term “spider” –

        When you put the ice cream in it rises and spills out over the top which looks like spider’s legs.

        So there you go – I’ve just learnt something new too!

        Take care x

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