Then there is bad customer service

Did you read that awesome post of mine (joke) about how good customer service can really make your day?

Well, the karma train slapped me in the face last week (but not in a good way – is that meant to happen)?  I experienced some very poor service by a sales attendant – and it invoked some anger and frustration in yours truly.

Last week I bought a continuous zip from a very large, well known fabric/craft store on the Gold Coast – which shall remain nameless.  But they have stores all over Australia.

When I returned home, there was no zip tab on the zipper. So I returned it.

And that’s when the games began.  Yes sirree.  An early Olympics if you like.  With fierce competition. Both going for gold. No one going to give in. (Over the top yes? Just tying in the olympic spirit.  Because I can.)

The sales assistant was clearly the owner of Fabric/Craft store (not) – as she more or less accused me of pulling the tab off the zipper.  Within seconds I knew she was not going to return and replace this item without a fight.  Especially since it was a bank breaker – cost all of $3.  I know.  Huge money.  We were playing for sheep stations.

Then came the statements and questions of mistrust from sales assistant: Did I lose the tab?  Did I check everywhere? I must have lost it.  How could it have been sold to me without a tab? Sigh.  Tsk.  Shaking her head at me.

Really?  Is she serious?  Does she not get it?  Her job?

So then I let her have it.  At the top of my voice.  With exaggerated eye-rolls and ‘can you believe it’ looks to all other customers.

Me: No, the tab is nowhere to be found.  It has NOT come off the zipper to my knowledge.  Even if it had come off the zipper, it shouldn’t have been cut in a manner for this to be possible.  I BOUGHT A ZIPPER.  IT HAS NO TAB.  IT IS NOW USELESS.  PLEASE REPLACE IT.  WHAT PART DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?

A fight to the end it was.  But I won.  Against her will the sales assistant cut me a new zipper with two tabs!

You think I would be satisfied.  With winning.  I’m not.  The struggle to return an unsatisfactory item left me frustrated, angry and pissed off.

So here I am again telling you about a customer service experience.  This time a bad one.  And word on the grapevine is that this low level of service is suffered by many who visit the large fabric/craft store.

The problem: this store is actually very handy and relatively inexpensive.

But: I’m taking a stand.  Enough of their crabbiness (technical term).  I’ll order online.  It’s easier and often as cheap anyway.  I’m done with being made to feel like this way.

Who wants to join me? Let’s start a revolution.  A customer service revolution.  Bad service = no customers. No customers = no profits.  No profits = no store.  No store = no more bad service.

Over the top again?  Maybe.  It would be nice though.  To teach them that politeness is everything when it comes to business.  And life.

Thanks for listening.  Do you have your own poor service experience to share? Tell me.

Amy x


4 thoughts on “Then there is bad customer service

  1. That makes me crazy mad. I hate bad service!! Seem to be getting it a lot all over the place lately. I guess it makes me appreciate good service even more. One of the last ones infuriated me. I ordered 2 dies for quilting. One came the other did not. I emailed them . They said yes, we’ll get it to you next week. Emailed again. And again. Fourish weeks later I finally got it. With no apology – just a note to say we won’t do it again. Admittedly I did place another order and got it straight away. But it does make me hesitant to order from them again in a hurry.
    P.S I am just about to go to the store I think you are talking about – I hope they are having a good day today

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