How I can out-talk the message bank

Yep.  There’s an achievement.  Out talking a messaging service. Though somehow I don’t think I’m alone.

I’m referring to the mobile phone answering service which converts your message to text:  “Please leave a 10 second message after the tone and we will convert it to text”.  Something like that.

I try and I try and I try to keep my message under 10 secs.  But I JUST CANNOT DO IT.

See, I’m a talker.  I like to talk.  I have messages of high importance.  You need to understand the full story of my message.  You may not know that I want you to call me back…if I don’t ask you to.

Anyways.  A message in 10 seconds?  It’s never going to happen for me.

I just left a ’10 sec message-to-text’ for somebody.  It cut me off when I was leaving my phone number.  It makes me feel foolish, a bit embarrassed.  You know when you get cut off.  Your voice trails off.  With a half laugh.  Usually closely followed by some clever sarcasm, like “Whatevs text converter schmerter”.

Then there’s the message recipient.  All too often the message they receive is NOT the message that was left.  Kinda like a chinese whisper.  Hey maybe the message should say:

“Please leave a 10 second message after the tone and we will send it to the recipient via a chinese whisper.  If they translate the message correctly they will win a real-life voice mail service”.

I’ve been playing a game with a friend of mine.  She has ‘convert message to text’.  I leave crazy names with crazy messages.  We then check the text message for the ‘conversion’.

Something like: “Hi Stupenda.  It’s Porky Pig here.  Just checking if you’d like roast beef on your swing set?”  Hmmm.  Okay, I didn’t say it was a highly intelligent game!

So the crux of it all.  I still can’t manage to fit all my words in and really I never will.  Hmph.

Bring back the good old-fashioned voice message I say.  Where the message you leave with your voice is the message that your friend hears.  Maybe not so-old fashioned.  But you get my drift.

Ciao lovelies.

Amy x

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4 thoughts on “How I can out-talk the message bank

  1. Hahaha!! We get some hilarious conversions on the work phone. One said to call Constable somebody urgently – and I was panicking wondering why the cops were calling. The reality was nothing like it!!
    Another vote for the voice messages xxx

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