Colour me happy for under 100 dollars

A selfie.  In full colour.  Bit unfocused.  Purposefully for effect.  Ok, not really.  Just a crap shot.  Honestly how do you hold the phone still, while looking in the mirror, while finding the SNAP button on the iphone?  I need more practice at the selfie.

Also, I’m not sure whose thighs they are?  Can’t be mine.  Surely?  Note to self: google thigh exercises.

Anyway, back to my story.

I feel like it’s 1960 again.  When colour TV was embraced by the universe.  I’ve coloured me up.  Brightly I walk.  No longer a traffic hazard.  Wait.  That sounds bad.  I hope I never was a traffic hazard.

I’m fifty shades of a pantone colour chart.  Hmmm (glancing at myself).  Make that ten shades.  Loves, I have coloured me happy.

And all for under 100 bucks.  Extra happy!

We have floral print jeans from Cotton On: $50

Peach top from Cotton On: $15 (two for $30)

Red shoes from Target: $30

Yep. Look at me go.  Total of $95.  One complete outfit.

Man, I used to spend more than this on one single item.  Got the kids now of course.  Budget.  And I feel so PROUD when I can bargain shop and look ‘on trend’.  (I love saying ‘on trend’.  It’s my new favourite phrase. You must love it too?)

That’s all.  Have a great weekend.

Amy x

ps. This isn’t a sponsored post.  Just a happy, on trend customer.


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