Embarrassed Moment Number Two

Again.  I have another one for you.

I have a lot of these red-faced stammer moments.  I’ve only realised just how many there are since I started sharing them with you.

So here it is:

A few weeks back I was talking to a school mum who I had just met.  We were discussing children’s bedrooms and how her girls share a bedroom, as do mine.

Of course I had to elaborate and went on to tell new school mum friend that:

“Oh, My sister and I shared a BED all my life.  Until we were grown up.  Nothing wrong with it.  Brought us closer”

Not until I notice my husband staring at me.  You know.  The disconcerting stare.  Making me uncomfortable.  What Mr F?  Am I naked?  Do I have spinach in my teeth?  Had I just broken out into a moonwalk/backspin combo? (which I can do very well by the way – ha).

Then it clicked.  Did I just say bed?  Oh ha.ha.ha.  Nervous, embarrassed laugh.  Quick backtrack.  I meant BEDROOM!  Honest.  Yes bedroom.  Shared.  Not bed.

And then?  In the ensuing conversation, I go on to mention at least three more times that I meant shared bedroom, not shared bed.

End result.  I think due to my over-compensation of non bed-sharing, new friend thought that of course we must have – otherwise I wouldn’t go on about it so much.  Either that or she thought I should get over it.

Yes I should.  I have.

Amy x

* For the record, my sister and I never shared a bed.


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