Do you remember when?

I don’t.  Remember much.  At all.

No memory.  Nup.  Nothing.  All my memory brain cells have deserted me.  Perhaps tired of the abuse from my younger years – parties, wine, beer, spirits.  Many big nights.  Many great memories.  If only I could remember them.

Or maybe it’s mummy brain.  Just too much going on that it can’t all possibly fit in my brain and be brought to the forefront on demand.

I would say that I never recovered from Baby Brain, however The Project dispelled the ‘baby brain’ myth last night. Apparently we cannot blame our lack of memory / silly comments and blank stares on the baby anymore.

All I can say is thank god for photographs and video.  Except for those that highlight my big nights.

On the plus side, I do remember that I have two kids and a great husband, I remember their names, also where I live, and the make/model of my car.  Actually I lie.  When I went to insure my car, I couldn’t find it on the list.  I was searching under Nissan, when my car is a Mitsubishi.

However it’s good to know I have the basics down pat.  It’s just the detail.  I am not one for detail.

I wish I was a kid again.  Have you ever noticed the amazing things they can remember?  Whether it be an occasion, a funny remark, an experience.  You easily forget (excuse the pun) just how much their young, fresh minds can take in and then recall.  Here’s to young people’s brain cells (raising my glass).  Hang on, that’s probs what got me into this forgetful state.

There have been countless times when friends or kids are recounting a story and I’ve had to nod my head and smile, laugh when appropriate, and exclaim “Oh yes, that’s right”.  When really I have NO idea what they’re talking about.  Can’t remember.

Now I just say: “Nope, can’t remember.  My memory is crap.  But tell me the story anyway.  Entertain me with past antics of ours.  It’ll be like it just happened.”  One good point I guess: a story never grows old with me.

The fading memory thing has got me into some awkward situations too.  Luckily it’s been with friends, who know how bad I am, and forgive me.

There was the time when I rang my girlfriend and chatted for an hour. Only to realise the next day (thanks to facebook) that I’d rang her on her birthday.  And hadn’t wished her a Happy Birthday.  Because I’d forgotten.

Or the time when I’d organised for a girlfriend to hook up with myself and some mutual friends who were staying at my house.  Only I didn’t ring her.  Three days after we’d organised it.  Erased from my memory.  Luckily my girlfriend knew me well, knew I was honest, and knew that I can’t remember shit.

Just yesterday, I rain-checked a cuppa at a girlfriends house, suggesting we do it today.  It couldn’t be done as her parents and inlaws would all be there.  Strange I thought.  Until I realised later that it’s her daughter’s birthday, something we’ve chatted about a lot over the past week (though we’d had the party on Sat…so that’s a marginal excuse.  Isn’t it?)

I must need to do more crosswords or something.  Exercise my brain.  I think it’s just too lazy.  Can’t be bothered.  I’m living in the here and now people.  Not in the past!

Or I could stop drinking.

Nah, raise your glass to more crosswords or sudoku, or brain trainers, or whatever you call them – I’ve forgotten.

What about you?  Do you remember stuff?  Is it the good stuff?  From a long time ago?  Or are you a short termer like me?

Amy x

4 thoughts on “Do you remember when?

  1. I am most definitely a short termer like you! So glad it’s not just me – phew! I seem to have good days and bad days. Some days I forget words… I will be about to use the word in a conversation, sometimes it’s a place name, or just a descriptive word, and it just goes out of my head before I am about to say it, when I am mid-sentence. Try as I might, I won’t remember it for ages. Most likely when the conversation is all over! When it’s a bad day I will do this several times in the day.

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