Fifty Shades of Grey – fan or not?

So much talk about this book.  I had to get involved. Finally.

A friend has kindly lent me her three ‘Grey’ books, after she’d read them all in 8 days.  Phew!  That’s racy!  (The speed of reading as well as the book’s contents).

And so I have begun.  I was and still am  ‘Fifty Shades of Doubt’.  I am probably a quarter way through the book, and after a very slow start, with a story that compares to an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful (only way more raunch), I am still reading, but not hooked.

Yes there is lots of crazy stuff going on.  Very saucy.  Actually fiery and vigorous are perhaps better words.  Is this enough to keep me interested though?  With storyline and plot strongly lacking – I don’t know.  I’ll keep you posted.

I really want to hear your thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey.  Have you read it?  Is it on your ‘must read’ list? Should I keep reading?

Amy x

ps.  My three year old has kindly torn one of the pages of the Fifty Shades book – now for me to explain to my friend that it was indeed my daughter, and not me ripping it in passion!  With my teeth!   Ahhh the imagination….

Image via here.  Ps.  Click here to read about a hotel in UK replacing the bibles in all their rooms with Fifty Shades of Grey! Hilarious.


5 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey – fan or not?

  1. I was “Fifty Shades of fed up with the rude bits”. It’s a nice romantic story, does take a while to hook you in but I did get hooked. Wanted to find out what happened to them in the end. Would have only been one book with out the rude bits.

  2. Amy – it’s terrible! I got about halfway through the first one and just couldn’t go on. Badly written fan-fiction that should never have got a publishing deal. “Fifty Shades of Boring”.

    • Hey Nadia, I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the book. And thought they may have been along these lines! I’m finding it very difficult to pick up again. Uninspired to go back to it. Amy x

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