Take a break from super busy

I did.  I left super busy behind.  For just one day.  At home on Saturday.  Plans had changed.  So I decided not to make new ones.  Very hard task.  Actually it wasn’t really.  I couldn’t be bothered doing a thing.

I feel a lot better for it too.  Relaxed.  Ready to tackle a new week.  I sat and crocheted, read a little, hung with the kids. Not much else.

It’s funny standing back and looking at our super busy lives and asking: Do they have to be so?

I know people who have to be busy.  Hell, I’m often one of them.  If you’re not busy, you feel (or are made to feel) just bloody lazy.  As I write this I think, how ridiculous!  We work hard so we can find times to relax and really enjoy it.  Not being busy does NOT make us lazy.  It means we’re clever, we’ve found time for ourselves and we wholly deserve it.  It gives our mind and bodies time to rejuvenate, refresh and dream.

I’m the worst at being super busy.  I never have enough hours. So busy busy busy. In reality: it’s because I DO feel lazy if I’m not busy.  Have to be doing something constructive.

Although I have taken heap off my plate now.  I had to.  I got to a stage where I felt I didn’t have time to breathe.  Almost anxious I guess you could call it.

Yes, for a few years there I had to be super busy.  With a husband recovering from a double hip replacement, finances to manage, a household to take care of – it just needed to be done.  Plus, if I stopped, I was frightened that I would just fall into a big heap and never get back up.  Now we’re through it and I feel stronger, braver, confident, knowing that I made it.  I stepped up.  I found strength I didn’t know I had.  I also had no other choice.

Back to now.  Here I can take a small steps back from being busy.  Some snippets of time here and there to relax.  To appreciate.  To take it all in.  To understand the depth of how lucky my family and I are.

Still busy times.  Same goes for everyone.  Those before us and those after us.  I think it’s just important to give yourself a break.  Take a day off, an afternoon or an hour – get away from everything.  Re-gather your thoughts.  Dare to dream.  Re-establish your memory! (haha).  Rest your super busy!

Breathe lovely people.  In. And. Out. Put your feet up.  Even if it’s just for 5.  Do it for you. And your family.

Right then: I’m off to do the shopping, clean the bathroom, pick the kids up, cook dinner, feed the dog, ferry kids to netball, work, coach netball, write another post…STOP!

Actually: I’m grabbing a White Chocolate Tim Tam, a cup of Tetley CALM tea and sitting down for some crochet.

Love and all that, Amy x


2 thoughts on “Take a break from super busy

  1. After a busy day yesterday…cooking, cooking, cooking and dishes, dishes, dishes….all day long – today I am doing only what I have to. I caught up on Masterchef, did a little sewing, and a bit of washing. Now I’m going to heat up some lunch and relax before I get the kids.
    Enjoy your day Aims xxx

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