The girl who lost her Funny

That’s me.  I’m that girl.  My Funny has gone AWOL.

“Funny”  Where are you?  Has anyone seen it?  Did I ever have it?  Was it mine to claim and share?

Yes, I did have the Funny.  The Humour.  The Crack You Up.  I’m sure I did.  But now I’ve lost it.

And now I’m making too many sad attempts at humour – which only I laugh at.  Even then, MY laughter at MY jokes is forced and too loud to be natural.

I used to be one funny bugger.  Up until last week.  AB.SO.LUTE.LY rib-cracking, bed-wetting funny.  Okay, slight exaggeration.  But I could hold my own in the comedy caper.

And now….it’s ran away from home.  Gone. I’m humourless.  It cannot even be coaxed back with borrowed jokes from comedy greats.  Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller – you’re fired from my joke telling repertoire.

Mr F is way funnier than me.  Always has been.  He just has to make a face or say two silly words and our girls are in stitches with laughter.

In stark contrast, when I tell the girls the most hilarious thing ever, they just look at me.  With poorly hidden pity.  I’ve resorted now to witty mature comebacks like: “That WAS funny! What I just said.  I AM funny!  If Dad said that same joke, you’d be rolling around on the floor laughing. Ooooohhh Dad’s so funny ha-di-ha-ha.”

It’s sad isn’t it.  This is my life.  Sledging my husband’s super humour because it’s making me feel a bit lost.  Slightly inadequate.  Majorly un-funny.

MInd you, I’m actually struggling right now to recall any standard vocabulary.  My great one-liners are going up in smoke because I can’t think of the ‘clincher’ word or phrase.  Instead I’m left there fumbling for the word, playing word charades (two words…sounds like…movie!…).  A story will fall completely flat when I need to ask my audience for help with the punchline.

I’m a bit under the weather at the mo.  Maybe that’s the (non-humourous problem).  Could be a virus has taken my Funny.  Well virus, THAT’S NOT FUNNY!  Give it back.  I need it. I miss it.  I have to get my FUNNY ON!

How about you?  Are you a funny one?  Do you like to make others laugh?  An entertainer?  Or do you like to be entertained?  Laugh at the funny ones?

Tell me.  I”m all ears.  Go on.  HUMOUR ME!


* Extreme close-up photo c/o me.  Scary huh!


4 thoughts on “The girl who lost her Funny

  1. There’s a distinct skill, or maybe you could even call it an art, to producing very bad, groan-worthy jokes. Have to say its a skill both Mr P and I have. Proper funny? Now that we can’t always manage! Bad jokes… Every time 😉

    • Oh Trish, I was always known for my very bad jokes when growing up! I’m afraid not much has changed! Ps. As long as you and Mr P find each other funny – that’s all that matters xx

  2. Oh Amy that photo is funny. Just try smiling into the camera and force smiles and the funny will come back. Don’t give up hope. Remember the words of Forest Gumps mother. (funny is as funny does) not quite those words but it fitted. Love ya funny girl

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