A common but unforgiveable fashion mistake

I love a good fashion crisis. Can talk about it for days. To loads of people. (Well I really just think about it once and move on).

I like to think I have an eye for what’s in vogue.  That’s because I am an on-trend, fashion and design goddess. As quoted by myself and completely untrue.  Obviously.

So yes, I will pounce on a fashion disaster.  Except when:

My daughter is the fashion crisis-er (new word?!)


Here it is. I’m laying down all of my ‘on-trend’ cards. I must share. And declare. My three year old has committed THE BIG FASHION SIN.

You got it girlfriends. Socks with sandals. Only allowed…well…NEVER.

The worst part is.  I let her wear them to kindy.

As many of you will understand, it’s just NOT worth the argument.  Especially when you’ve got under 2 minutes to pack car, get in car, drive to kindy/school, drop off children, detangle three year old from monkey grip around your neck, then get to work AND look fresh and amazing.

And so it is.  Socks with sandals.  Whatevs.  Big sister fashionista – Georgie – will teach Miss Jaz.  The do’s and don’ts of the fashion world.  We’ll get there.

At least it’s a huge improvement from last year’s outfit of choice: undies only.

Kisses and plenty of them!

Amy x


3 thoughts on “A common but unforgiveable fashion mistake

  1. My boys are sometimes of two more related fashion crisis. Crocs with socks and trainers with ankle socks and shorts. I can’t bear it! I have mentioned it several times to the 8 yr old. His Dad is happy to let him wear what he wants but I figure someone has to educate him. I haven’t said anything to the 5 yr old yet. Somehow it is more acceptable for younger children to wear weird outfits… Maybe because they have the aaawwww factor?

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