Vintage Ice-cream Cones


Fennells Lost and Found: Ice Cream Cones. Last seen in 2009. Apparently.

How old can something be before it becomes a ‘vintage’ item?

Like food for example: it is vintage waaayyy before cars, jewellery, furniture, and other old stuff. Milk is vintage after a week, bread even less. Mushrooms: a few days. Chocolate: 24 hours (in my house anyway)!

Anyway these ice cream cones were either back dated or they’ve been hiding from me for three years. That’s a long time to be storing food. And you know, when I finally found them, I actually checked the cones for crunch (with my fingers) before I even checked the date. Yes prior to the date check I considered keeping the suckers.

But my vintage food story gets better. I found a mini chocolate bar keeping the cones company. I offered it to Mr F for his lunchbox. Just after my unselfish and loving offer I found a small tear in the wrapper and discovered that the innards had been eaten. By something. Rodent-like I’m guessing. God knows when? From my track record it could have been umpteen years ago? Eewww. Pantry is now on rodent lockdown. And undergoing thorough spring clean.

What’s the oldest food piece you’ve found in your pantry? Hope I haven’t grossed you out too much.

Ciao and eat safe.

Amy x

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