Be careful what you search for

I’m a big fan of the google search. Even better is the random connections/answers/sites that you get back.

After recently teaching my friend how to crochet, she wanted to find some cute patterns for her baby.

She searched for crochet patterns.  Then crochet beanies, crochet headbands, crochet shoes.  And the most beautiful pair of crochet sandals (thongs) appeared.

Google is like a genie really.  You wish it, Google finds it.

Until you get lazy.  Wanting the pattern for these super-cute sandals, my friend google-searched for crochet thongs. This my friends is when the fun began.

I have four words for you:  WHOA!  CROCHET MAN THONG!

How FUNNY is that?  My friend and I laughed and laughed.  I have tears of laughter still.  It’s all about the unexpected, the surprise factor, the BAM: Take That!

I’ve ordered one for Mr F.  He tells me that he’ll need an extra extra large.  I told him he’d better make a wax appointment.

How about you?  What have you found by accident in your internet searching?  Something funny? Strange? Or just rude?  I’m all ears and looking for a laugh.

Amy x


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