Fifty Shades of Sucked In

Well.  I’m still reading.  I’m onto Book 3.

Contrary to my initial thoughts here, I’ve read on.

Yes, it’s still a kinky soap opera. I skim a fair bit of it.  Very repetitive.  Same phrases.  Sex every 24.38 seconds. So far from reality.  Isn’t it?  Please say yes.

But.  I’m.  Still.  Reading.

Ah-huh.  Despite my self-perceived literary snobbery.  I.  AM.  IN.  Aaagghh Darn It.

So difficult for me to admit, particularly after my very previous public misgivings.  (Dodgy, you will be laughing at me!)

So I got to thinking: Why?  Why is this story sucking so many women in?  Had a convo with a few other girls about it too.  Which ended up with another glass of champagne and something about a a small fortune being paid for the dirty undies of Elvis.  But that’s a WHOLE other story.

You know what I think it is for me? Why I’m reading these books? Not the riches, fast cars, steamy but brooding but angry but sweet but kinky but stupidly hot man?  Hmmm.  Well maybe they are a small part.

I think it’s the fact that the girl is transforming the man.  She is CHANGING him. And you know what they say: You will NEVER CHANGE a man.  Well Miss Anastasia Steel is and still doing it (as far as I’ve read).

This woman should be a national hero.  Her love has brought about the most significant changes in her man.  Frankly I’ve never seen it done before.  I want some of what she’s having.  Never, says Mr F!  Ah, just fantasy really.

So that’s the best explanation I’ve got right now for why we are Fifty Shades of Sucked In.

Laters, baby.

Amy x


11 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Sucked In

  1. i haven’t read it …. yet! part of me is a little curious, but part of me can’t be faffed! i’m reading about the cultural revolution in china at the moment – many shades away from this book…. but i must admit i do love some easy smutty reading!! haha

    • Ah Kat, I was the same. A friend lent me the books and the more I read, the further in I was caught! Defo good easy smutty reading. Might be a nice break once you’ve finished your Chinese revolution book. Ps I love that you’re featuring at that exhibition xx

  2. True that. Something good about the story besides every minutes of steamy fuckery. I must admit that I get bored on the second book coz’ of too much repetitive stuff they do. The writing execution is way far of that with Anne Rice’s Trilogy about Sleeping Beauty. But then again who doesn’t enjoy an easy-read at some time. I guess it doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you enjoy the road your on.

      • By the way have you heard of the new one… Bared to you by Sylvia Day. I’m starting on it and was kinda think how weird the story of the main characters I’m not even sure if that happens in real life, oh maybe it does.haha.=) Have a great day.

      • Good grief, I finished the book last night. Sorry but I didn’t like it at all. I was even surprise I finally even got to the end of the story. Every write-ups has its flaws. I am looking for something more on Eva and Gideon’s story hoping I will be enthralled along the way but it just disappoints me. The beginning and the phasing of the story is not even good, for me at least. The sex scenarios–given that it’s repetitive is kinda boring for my taste. But who cares, people’s taste varies…I still read a lot of good reviews on it. But I say Christian Grey’s character is way appealing than that of Gideon I can’t even picture the whole story in my head. Pretty lame huh.=)

      • Well, who knows. Check it out you might like it instead. Download the free ebook from it’s free. Then you can delete it

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