RSVP and bring a plate

Are you familiar with the term ?  Bring a Plate.  Commonly used in school newsletters.

For me it conjures up memories of home baking: images of slices, sponges, cupcakes, sinking paper plates & glad wrap touched with icing or cream.  That’s from back then when I was a kid.  Does ‘Bring a Plate’ get you thinking of the same things?

At a recent ‘Bring a Plate’ function, ‘the spread’ was a little different to the ones in my younger years.  There were mostly bought supermarket items (mainly chocolate biscuits), with only two or three homemade ‘plates’ that I could see.  My plate was from the supermarket too: Fruit scones from IGA.

Not saying that this is good or bad.  Just an observation really.  Of change.  Of busy lives and easy to purchase inexpensive goodies.  And it all tastes good, especially to the undiscerning eye of the kids!

How about you?  Have you found a change in the number of homemade baked goods getting around?  Do you bake or do you buy?  I like to bake but often run out of time – so I have to buy.

Actually this post is motivating me to go bake.  My slice of choice: Chocolate Mocha. Yum. I’ll post the recipe tonight.

Love & all that.  Amy x

* Image c/o of here.


6 thoughts on “RSVP and bring a plate

  1. I want this recipe. Looks yummo. I guess it just goes to show how busy our lives are these days. One observation I have is made is that a lot of people cannot bake either.

  2. Homemade is ALWAYS nicer though. I try to bake quite often but similarly don’t always get time. We have just come back from our usual weeks holiday on a narrowboat and we always make a point of baking before we go. Makes the holiday so much better having homemade goodies to munch.

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