Allan. Allan. Allan

A few months back I wrote about the FNL (aka us / our family) debut into the YouTube arena.  Our favourite clip was Funny Talking Animals – Walk on the Wild Side.  Namely: Allan. Allan.  Allan.  Click here for a recap.

On our camping trip last weekend, my girls were swimming in the pool.  Out of the blue, a parent calls out to their child.  Unremarkable?  Yes.  But this child’s name was…ALLAN.  And it sounded like a dead ringer for that YouTube clip.

Of course Miss Three hears it.  And proceeds to yell – at the top of her darling voice – ALLAN  Allan  ALLAN.  Just like the YouTube clip.  With a pause and giggle in between, she’d start again.  Allan  ALLAN  Allan  Allan.Image

Meantime the boy named Allan is staring at Miss Three, wondering what the heck she is going on about.  And rightly so!  While I’m smiling serenely, stifling a big, fat and uncontrollable laugh at Miss Cheeky (and she knows it), and looking elsewhere.  If you can’t see it, then it’s not happening.  Right?

Because.  How would I explain that to the young child named Allan?  Without stammering.  Nervous laugh: Ha ha Allan – you see there’s this video clip on YouTube blah blah blah?  Awkward moment.

Hmmm best easiest for me to just ignore Miss Three and focus on the suddenly extremely beautiful, interesting and particularly rare pool rock beside me.  Seriously that rock rocked!  At that moment in time anyway.

So.  Where would this blog be without Miss Three?  I do love her so.  Especially her abundance of mischief!

Ciao, Allan Amy x


2 thoughts on “Allan. Allan. Allan

  1. LMAO!!! Ever since you posted those clips and I showed my boys we have had bouts of shouting Allan, Allan, ALLAN… Steve, Steve… Little J often chats and sings himself to sleep and was heard the other day going “Nightime…. Daytime…. Nightime…. Daytime….. BBC Radio 2!” the last bit being the jingle from the radio!! There was lots of giggling from the “grown ups” downstairs.

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