One for the Ladies


This I get excited about.  They are so few and far between for me, that when I’m given a slight sniff of child-free, champagne flowing, dance on the table kind of fun.  Then I’m there.  And it’s Game On. Like Donkey Kong*.

So a few weeks ago we had a school fundraiser ‘Ladies Night’.  Or as I like to call it (in my low sexy voice – because I can): One For The Ladies.

Not sure about you, but I LOVE saying ‘One For The Ladies’.  It makes me laugh.  Lots.  Conjures up images of sleazy DJ’s at weddings calling the ladies to the dance floor with a not-so-cool song from the eighties.  Big, teased hair, ra-ra skirts, stilettos and bangles.  Lots of bangles.  Lots of lace too.  Anyway I’ve been repeating the saying for the last few weeks, and have since discovered that really I’m the only person that finds it funny.  Ha.

So I don’t go out much these days.  With two young kids, not many babysitters family members living nearby, it’s just easier not to go out.  Or when we do get out – it’s always kid friendly.

So I made the most of it.  First I chose an outfit.  And became painfully aware of my lack-lustre wardrobe.  Luckily my little fashion-lover, Georgie helped me try a few things on.

Then proceeded to score each outfit out of ten.  Standard procedure for a seven year old.  Apparently?

Outfit 4: 100/100.  Whoa. Decided.  Blue outfit it was.  With flats.  Since all my heels are now used as dress-ups.  Note to self: I need some FANCY shoes.  And FANCY outfits.

Also of interest the score for Outfit 3: 40/100.  Massive Fail.  Probably because the silverfish had taken a liking to the little red number.  Oh and it was really really toight [tight].

Then make-up applied.  Hair tamed.  Yes, tamed.  As opposed to styled.  It’s how this mama rolls these days.

Now finally to the evening: girls, fashion, market stalls, champagne by the plastic-cup-full.  Not much tastes better than champagne out of plastic *sarcasm*.  No matter to this lady. It was bottoms up.  No, not my bottom!  The bottom of the cup.  Let’s be clear.  There was absolutely no arse flashing going on from me.  Not like the good old days. Clearly I’ve grown up!

I did however join my fellow ‘family escapees’ and joked and laughed, oohed and aahhed, and shared a lot of funnier than funny stories.

By the end of the night I had escalated to talking QUITE loudly, laughing so much my stomach hurt, caw-cawing like a magpie and jumbling my words.  To the effect of: Game On.  Like Konkey Dong.

All of this and I was home by 9.45pm (times have changed – sad but true).  Too early for bed so I decided I needed a nightcap.  And terrorised poor Mr F (who was trying to watch the footy) with hilarious story after story about the night.  Yes.  Hilarious.  Just because he didn’t laugh (out loud) doesn’t mean I wasn’t rib-cracking funny.

And that is it.  My long overdue Ladies Night.

But do you know what the best part was?  The next day I was on a high.  A bit dusty.  Bit thirsty.  But I was one happy mama.  I needed this!  Good for the soul.

Now to plan our next Ladies Night.  Might even stay out until midnight.  Oooooh!

Love and the good stuff,

Amy x

* For those of you who didn’t grow up in the eighties and are not aware of lace fingerless gloves, bubble gum jeans or Rick Astley, Donkey Kong was THE Nintendo game of choice.


2 thoughts on “One for the Ladies

  1. Sounds sooooo familiar, although I get no help choosing outfits and definitely don’t get scored!! (Boys just aren’t into that… Well mine aren’t). I so remember Donkey Kong/Konkey Dong and I did have a Ra Ra skirt once!! Glad you had a good time.

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